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Information about WordPress hosting

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a platform for the easy-to-use creation of blogs and websites. It’s not just a simple way to create a website but also a globally recognized standard for web creation.

WordPress is the foundation of open-source platforms that can manage a small blog as well as a large corporate presentation of thousands of pages.

The huge advantage of WordPress lies with a number of web designers and programmers who can easily manage their editing. However, thanks to many add-ons and looks that can be set up with just one click, you can edit your site yourself without the specialist. With WordPress Hosting you do not have to worry about installing and managing.

How is WordPress different?

It does not differ. Once you’ve started hosting, you always start with the latest available installation. We will automatically install each new update for you. You will never have to worry about installing updates or worrying about get hacked an outdated site.

Do I have to worry about a database?

You do not even have to know what the database is. If you order WordPress hosting, your only concern is making web and writing texts. Which is not worry, but great fun!

What happens when I order WordPress hosting?

We will prepare the WordPress installation on your chosen domain. You will not have to deal with FTP or databases. Just log in to administration. For better testing, the site will be available on our alternative address, so there’s no need to wait for DNS changes, domain transfers.

What if I need to help?

Our praised and helpful support awaits all your questions – contact us via e-mail, phone, skype or web chat. It does not matter if you are looking for your first domain or you are a database specialist. Anyone can ask whenever and we do anything to help.

Updated on 14.9.2018

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